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Commentary on the State Enterprise Act

Publications   22. 2. 2019 Link

A team of KSB lawyers (Jan Dědič, Jana Guričová, Josef Kříž, Jan Lasák, Jakub Porod) contributed a commentary on the State Enterprise Act published by Wolters Kluwer last September (the commentary is available here).

New article by Václav Rovenský and Tomáš Sequens published in CEE Legal Matters magazine

Publications   29. 5. 2018 Link

Partner Václav Rovenský and counsel Tomáš Sequens look at the issue of state aid for Czech green energy sources in CEE Legal Matters magazine.

Helena Navrátilová and Jan Černohouz author expert commentary on Czech tax environment for Chambers Global Practice Guides

Publications   22. 3. 2018 Link

KŠB tax partner Helena Navrátilová and KŠB counsel Jan Černohouz have written a chapter on corporate tax in the Czech Republic for Chambers Global Practice Guides. The guide provides expert legal commentary on key tax law issues and summarizes the latest developments in each particular jurisdiction.

KŠB Contributes to International Public Procurement Publication

Publications   19. 6. 2017 Link

Thompson Reuters and The Center for International Legal Studies has published an overview of public contract/procurement legislation in several tens of jurisdictions.

Martin Šolc for Lidové noviny about the “Better Devil”

Publications   28. 2. 2013 Link

KŠB Partner Martin Šolc explains in Lidové noviny’s regular supplement “Právo & Justice” why it would be a shame to postpone the recodification of Czech private law, which is due to take force and effect in 2014.

Martin Šolc Interviewed in Ekonom

Publications   11. 12. 2012 Link

Martin Šolc, one of KŠB’s founding partners, describes his vision as the incoming Secretary-General of the International Bar Association (IBA) in Ekonom No. 46/2012. Martin, who will be the first-ever Secretary-General from Central & Eastern Europe, will assume the office in January 2013.

KSB Tax Advisors for Finanční management Magazine: Which Recent Court Rulings Should You Be Aware Of?

Publications   11. 7. 2012 Link

The latest issue of Finanční management features an article by Helena Navrátilová and Pavla Blažková on important tax-related rulings by Czech courts.

UEFA Euro 2012: Employers’ Manual

Publications   8. 6. 2012 Link

Team line-ups have been memorized, Czech flags are ready, the European Soccer Championships in Poland and Ukraine are just about to begin. However, the event, which kicks-off on 8 June and ends on 1 July, may, thanks to the immense popularity the game enjoys on the Old Continent, have a negative impact on many an employee’s morale and work attitude.

Jaroslav Míkovec describes the mundane legal routine encountered by businesses in Ekonom

Publications   21. 5. 2012 Link

The legal routine that many businessmen must go through on a day-to-day basis is featured in KSB lawyer Jaroslav Míkovec’s legal column in weekly magazine Ekonom. Jaroslav contemplates that routine steps such as paying out dividend, disposing of shareholdings and replacing directors are far too difficult in the Czech Republic due to unnecessary bureaucracy and nonsensical requirements.

Professor Dědič for Právo & Byznys: I would make laws simpler

Publications   28. 3. 2012 Link

The March issue of Právo & Byznys features a profile on the rich professional life and career of professor Jan Dědič, a KŠB partner. One of the most experienced Czech experts in commercial law, who also celebrated a birthday at the beginning of this year, professor Dědič reflected on many issues, including the quality of Czech laws. According to him, Czech laws largely suffer from frequent and rash amendments.

What would happen if the Eurozone falls? Jiří Horník provides answers to Lidové noviny

Publications   26. 3. 2012 Link

In the latest Law & Justice supplement to Lidové noviny, KŠB attorney Jiří Horník contemplates how the much-feared Eurozone breakup could affect parties to contracts in euros.

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review, Second Edition

Publications   22. 2. 2012 Link

Drahomír Tomašuk, KSB’s specialist in the field of electronic communications, IT and personal data protection, recently authored a contribution for the international publication The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review, Second Edition, in which he summarizes the current state of the Czech telecommunications market.

Amendment to the Mergers Act as seen by KŠB’s Managing Partner Dagmar Dubecká

Publications   6. 1. 2012 Link

Weekly magazine Ekonom recently mapped out what high profile Czech lawyers think about the hot legislative issues for 2012. Dagmar Dubecká, KŠB’s managing partner, gave her take on the amendment to the Mergers Act, which starting in 2012 aims to make transactions easier and cheaper for corporations and cooperatives by, among other things, allowing the decisive date of a merger to be set either retroactively or in the future. Prior to the amendment, this was not possible.

“Carlsbad Lottery” 2.0

Publications   11. 11. 2011 Link

On 7 October 2011 Lidové noviny’s Law & Justice section featured the reflections of Martina Parusová Zímová and Christian Blatchford on the drawing of lots and whether such a practice is a legitimate way to reduce the number of bidders in public tenders. These two KSB lawyers do not consider the method transparent and non-discriminatory and believe it should therefore be removed from the Public Contracts Act.

New Issue of the “Úplná znění předpisů” Series: ENERGY SECTOR

Publications   16. 9. 2011 Link

The “Úplná znění předpisů (ÚZ)” Series has published a brand new issue dealing with the energy sector. The new “ÚZ ENERGETIKA” provides a summary of laws applicable to the energy sector in the Czech Republic and represents the first publication of its kind on the Czech market.

Martin Šolc for Hospodářské noviny’s Leaders Voice column: Combating corruption? We seem to like doing things our way

Publications   7. 9. 2011 Link

Martin Šolc, a partner at KSB, recently published his reflections on the highly publicized but rather unsuccessful fight against corruption in Hospodářské noviny’s Leaders Voice column on 2 September 2011.

Bribery Act 2010: A Sober Appraisal

Publications   5. 9. 2011 Link

On 29 August 2011 Lidové noviny published an article by KSB lawyer Christian Blatchford on the British Bribery Act 2010 in its Law & Justice supplement. The Bribery Act, which came into force on 1 July 2011, may have a certain impact on Czech corporations which have a business connection with Britain. Its impact, however, is unlikely to be as great as originally expected.

Martin Šolc in Hospodářské noviny’s Leaders Voice: Totalitarian Sins In Today’s Law

Publications   27. 7. 2011 Link

Czech newspaper Hospodářské noviny featured an article by Martin Šolc’s in its “Leaders Voice” column on 22 July 2011. In the article Martin reflects on Czech attitudes to law. Shouldn’t we be aware of the principles on which laws are based rather than yearning for more and more regulations to cover every eventuality? And does everyone sufficiently respect the law?

Getting the Deal Through – Gas Regulation 2011

Publications   30. 6. 2011 Link

Václav Rovenský and Tomáš Sequens prepared a chapter focused on the Czech Republic for the international publication Getting the Deal Through – Gas Regulation, 2011 edition; the chapter summarizes legal regulations and conditions for business activities on the gas market in the Czech Republic. The publication was issued by the London based market analysis company Law Business Research Ltd.

Defence even against inspectors available

Publications   6. 6. 2011 Link

On 6 June 2011 the Law & Justice supplement of Lidové noviny published an article on abbreviated construction proceedings by KSB lawyers Dana Čiháková and Petr Sedlatý. Even though the abbreviated construction proceedings were introduced in an attempt to simplify approval proceedings, legislative loopholes have resulted in fairly broad misuse. But recently, the Municipal Court in Prague issued a breakthrough judgment eliminating such misuse to a certain extent.

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