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Fundamental conclusions of The Court of Justice of the European Union04/04/23 / News

The Court of Justice of the European Union in its judgment of 2 March 2023 in Case C-477/21 made fundamental conclusions regarding the provision of uninterrupted weekly rest and uninterrupted daily rest to employees. The conclusions made are relevant for shift planning, especially if employees work in shift patterns, also in the Czech Republic. More

KŠB was invited to be the exclusive country contributor to the CEE Legal Matters Comparative Legal Guide: Oil & Gas 2022 for Czech Republic.25/03/22 / News

The CEE Legal Matters Comparative Legal Guide: Oil & Gas 2022 presents the most important legal information related to the Oil & Gas sector, structured in a practical way, which allows both focus on a single jurisdiction and cross-referencing and comparisons between the legal approaches in the various jurisdictions. The Czech Republic chapter was co-authored by Václav Rovenský and Tomáš Sequens, both KŠB partners, and Lucie Patková, former KŠB associate. More

Applicability of Small Size Premiums in Determining the Fair Value of Shares and Appropriate Consideration11/01/22 / News

KSB Partners Prof. Jan Dědič and Jan Lasák and junior lawyer Filip Buchta recently co-authored the article “Applicability of Small Size Premiums in Determining the Fair Value of Shares and Appropriate Consideration”. More

Webinar in cooperation with Legal 50030/03/21 / News

KŠB, in cooperation with the prestigious rating agency Legal 500, organized a webinar on the topic of Post Covid M&A - A new normal for navigating the transactional landscape in the Czech Republic? More

Commentary on the State Enterprise Act22/02/19 / Publications

A team of KSB lawyers (Jan Dědič, Jana Guričová, Josef Kříž, Jan Lasák, Jakub Porod) contributed a commentary on the State Enterprise Act published by Wolters Kluwer last September (the commentary is available here). More

Martin Štefko for Hospodářské noviny30/01/19 / News

Hospodářské noviny recently published an article by KSB attorney Martin Štefko on parasitic trade unions. More

Professor Jan Dědič Comments on Amendment to the Corporations Act in Lidové noviny17/09/18 / News

Lidové noviny featured an interview with Professor Jan Dědič, KŠB Partner and one of the leading experts on Czech commercial law. More

New article by Václav Rovenský and Tomáš Sequens published in CEE Legal Matters magazine29/05/18 / Publications

Partner Václav Rovenský and counsel Tomáš Sequens look at the issue of state aid for Czech green energy sources in CEE Legal Matters magazine. More

Helena Navrátilová and Jan Černohouz author expert commentary on Czech tax environment for Chambers Global Practice Guides22/03/18 / Publications

KŠB tax partner Helena Navrátilová and KŠB counsel Jan Černohouz have written a chapter on corporate tax in the Czech Republic for Chambers Global Practice Guides. The guide provides expert legal commentary on key tax law issues and summarizes the latest developments in each particular jurisdiction. More

Interview with Managing Partner Dagmar Dubecká in Hospodářské noviny30/11/17 / News

At the beginning of November, Hospodářské noviny published Jaroslav Kramer’s interview with KŠB Managing Partner Dagmar Dubecká. More

Prof. Jan Dědič Speaks at XXV Karlovarské právnické dny Conference30/10/17 / News

KŠB Partner Prof. Jan Dědič was a guest speaker at this year’s Karlovarské právnické dny Conference. Prof. Dědič spoke on the topic of directors representing legal entities with a particular focus on violation of the four-eyes principle. More

KŠB Associate Martina Parusová-Zímová Contributes to New Franchising Handbook22/06/17 / News

Martina Parusová-Zímová is the co-author of the 2nd Edition of the International Franchise Handbook, published by DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, in which she wrote a section on Czech franchising legislation and regulation. More

KŠB Contributes to International Public Procurement Publication19/06/17 / Publications

Thompson Reuters and The Center for International Legal Studies has published an overview of public contract/procurement legislation in several tens of jurisdictions. More

Employee Monitoring Pitfalls in Terms of Data Protection14/06/17 / News

This topic is discussed in an article written by KŠB counsel Drahomír Tomašuk and KŠB associate Jaroslav Zahradníček’s in CEE Legal Matters.  More

Martin Šolc for Lidové noviny18/11/16 / News

In his column in Lidové noviny, KŠB Partner Martin Šolc ponders why some voices interpreting the new private law continue to emphasize that some things are just not possible.  More

Martin Šolc for Lidové noviny07/01/16 / News

In his column in Lidové noviny, KŠB Partner Martin Šolc ponders why some voices interpreting the new private law continue to emphasize that some things are just not possible. More

New legal book by KŠB lawyers29/07/15 / News

Wolters Kluwer has just published a new comprehensive summary of the most important case-law rulings related to business corporations which apply following the re-enactment of Czech private law. The book was authored by a team of KŠB lawyers led by professor Jan Dědič, a company law specialist. More

Dagmar Dubecká Ranked Once Again Among the TOP 25 Women of Czech Business26/11/14 / News

KŠB Managing Partner Dagmar Dubecká ranked 24th in this year’s TOP 25 Women of Czech Business poll, which was held for the tenth time by publishing house Economia. More

KŠB People in Media18/11/14 / News

Ekonom Weekly (its special “Stories of Success”) and Lidové noviny daily featured interviews with and a profile of KŠB partner Martin Šolc and KŠB counsel Jan Lasák respectively. More

KŠB for CEE Legal Matters07/07/14 / News

KŠB partner Pavel Dejl and KŠB associate Martin Krčmář comment on competition law in international publication CEE Legal Matters More

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