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Newsletter: Tax News – 2011/11, No. 10
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New International Treaties

Tax News   25. 11. 2011 Link
Six treaties on the exchange of information in tax matters are currently in the legislative process. Treaties have been negotiated with Jersey, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, the Virgin Islands,...

From the Chamber of Deputies

Tax News   25. 11. 2011 Link

Amendment to the VAT Act; Retirement reform; Health care reform

Guideline of the General Financial Directorate

Tax News   25. 11. 2011 Link
On 2 November 2011 the General Financial Directorate (the “GFD”) issued Guideline GFŘ-D-5, which sets forth the procedure tax administrators should follow when implementing guarantees in tax...

Transformation act and accounting act

Tax News   25. 11. 2011 Link
On 11 November 2011, an amendment to the Act on Transformations of Commercial Companies and Cooperatives and Related Acts (the “Amendment”), which was previously passed by the Parliament, was signed...

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