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Head Office Prague

KSB's head office in Prague provides fully integrated professional advice and assistance on all commercial law matters and tax implications relevant to international and Czech businesses in many sectors of the economy, as well as to major public authorities.

Advocates based in the Prague office have the following areas of expertise: corporate law including M&A, finance and banking, securities and capital markets, economic competition and state aid, litigation and unfair competition, insolvency, public procurement, project finance including PPP, construction law and real property law and employment law. KSB's tax consultancy team advises on all tax aspects of transactions handled by the Prague office.

All members of the Prague office can speak English or German (as well as Czech) and some also speak Italian, Slovak, Russian and French.

Contact us

  • Telephone: +420 224 103 316
  • Fax: +420 224 103 234
  • E-mail: ksbpraha@ksb.cz
Jungmannova 24, 11000 Prague, Czech Republic


Balastik, Jiri jbalastik@ksb.cz Emeritus partner
Beres, Jan jberes@ksb.cz Lawyer
Buchta, Filip fbuchta@ksb.cz Junior Lawyer
Cernohouz, Jan jcernohouz@ksb.cz Counsels
Conevova, Ema econevova@ksb.cz Tax adviser
Dedic, Jan jdedic@ksb.cz Partner
Dejl, Pavel pdejl@ksb.cz Partner
Dejlova, Hana hdejlova@ksb.cz Lawyer
Dubecka, Dagmar ddubecka@ksb.cz Partner
Felgrova, Radka rfelgrova@ksb.cz Lawyer
Guricova, Jana jguricova@ksb.cz Lawyer
Hamran, Richard rhamran@ksb.cz Lawyer
Hanus, Michal mhanus@ksb.cz Lawyer
Heroldova, Hana hheroldova@ksb.cz Counsels
Hornik, Jiri jhornik@ksb.cz Partner
Hornochova, Simona shornochova@ksb.cz Tax adviser
Jackova, Dana djackova@ksb.cz Lawyer
Juric, Alena ajuric@ksb.cz Tax adviser
Kasik, Petr pkasik@ksb.cz Partner
Kovacic, Matus mkovacic@ksb.cz Lawyer
Krejci, Martin mkrejci@ksb.cz Partner
Kretkova, Lucie lkretkova@ksb.cz Tax adviser
Kriz, Josef jkriz@ksb.cz Lawyer
Kubik, Martin mkubik@ksb.cz Counsels
Kurtosiova, Milada mkurtosiova@ksb.cz Lawyer
Lala, Daniel dlala@ksb.cz Junior Lawyer
Lasak, Jan jlasak@ksb.cz Partner
Mach, Ota omach@ksb.cz Junior Lawyer
Mirovska, Petra pmirovska@ksb.cz Lawyer
Navratilova, Helena hnavratilova@ksb.cz Partner
Novotny, Josef jnovotny@ksb.cz Junior Lawyer
Parusova Zimova, Martina mzimova@ksb.cz Lawyer
Patkova, Lucie lpatkova@ksb.cz Junior Lawyer
Petru, Miloslav mpetru@ksb.cz Lawyer
Pihera, Vlastimil vpihera@ksb.cz Partner
Porod, Jakub jporod@ksb.cz Lawyer
Prokopova, Sabina sprokopova@ksb.cz Lawyer
Prusa, Ivo iprusa@ksb.cz Counsels
Rovensky, Vaclav vrovensky@ksb.cz Partner
Sequens, Tomas tsequens@ksb.cz Counsels
Siska, Ondrej osiska@ksb.cz Junior Lawyer
Slaba, Zuzana zslaba@ksb.cz Junior Lawyer
Slovackova, Katerina kslovackova@ksb.cz Lawyer
Sobolova, Sylvie ssobolova@ksb.cz Partner
Solc, Martin msolc@ksb.cz Partner
Sperl, Filip fsperl@ksb.cz Junior Lawyer
Stefko, Martin mstefko@ksb.cz Lawyer
Stepanova, Sasha sstepanova@ksb.cz Lawyer
Tomasuk, Drahomir dtomasuk@ksb.cz Partner
Travnicek, Tomas ttravnicek@ksb.cz Junior Lawyer
Trop, Vladimir vtrop@ksb.cz Lawyer
Veselkova, Pavla pveselkova@ksb.cz Lawyer
Vohrabal, Tomas tvohrabal@ksb.cz Junior Lawyer
Vosatkova, Karolina kvosatkova@ksb.cz Junior Lawyer
Vrab, Martin mvrab@ksb.cz Lawyer
Vrana, Ludek lvrana@ksb.cz Counsels
Zach, Tomas tzach@ksb.cz Lawyer
Zahradnicek, Jaroslav jzahradnicek@ksb.cz Lawyer

Head Office Prague

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