JTZE (J&T Agriculture and Ecology) becomes number two on the Czech agricultural market11/01/23 / News

KSB's team advised JTZE (J&T Zemědělství a Ekologie) on the acquisition of a total of 11 companies under Spearhead Czech and Spearhead Slovakia. The companies, located in the vicinity of Kardašova Řečice, Jihlava, Hradec Králové, Olomouc and Nitra in Slovakia, are primarily active in the field of crop and livestock production.

Thanks to the acquisition, JTZE Group, which started its agricultural business in 2020, became the number two company on the Czech agricultural market in terms of the size of cultivated land (37,000 hectares after the acquisition).

Jiří Horník, Jakub Porod and Zuzana Slabá prepared and negotiated the transaction, while Pavel Dejl, Martin Vráb and Karolina Vosátková represented the company in front of the Czech Competition Authority. In addition, Martin Krejčí, Ivo Průša and Tomáš Trávníček assisted with the acquisition financing provided by the group of banks (led by Komerční banka).         

More details can be found for example here.