New Charity 3WFoundation Founded03/03/22 / News

After advising on setting up the Experientia Foundation, the Vlček Family Foundation, and the Libor Malý A Foundation, KSB's team provided further legal and tax advice on another private philanthropy project.

This time, Vlastimil Pihera, Jakub Porod and Simona Hornochová advised on a record-breaking charity project: the founders of Walmark – brothers Adam, Mariusz and Valdemar Wałach – founded the 3WFoundation, in which they invested CZK 1.8 billion.

The foundation will mainly support Christian projects and initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe and help charities and charitable organizations working in social fields. It will focus on the Silesia region, where the Wałach brothers are from, and on the Polish minority in the Czech Republic, which they are part of.

For more information about the Foundation, see the Wałach brothers' interview with DVTV.