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Ekonom Weekly (its special “Stories of Success”) and Lidové noviny daily featured interviews with and a profile of KŠB partner Martin Šolc and KŠB counsel Jan Lasák respectively.

In his interview for Lidové noviny, Martin Šolc talked not only about his activities for the International Bar Association (IBA) of which he was recently elected a Vice-President as the first person from CEE countries. Martin also pondered on the condition of Czech legal profession and the values upon which KŠB is based.

Martin Šolc’s journey to become a lawyer, via being a newspaper delivery boy for example, is mapped by Ekonom Weekly’s special supplement “Stories of Success”. Martin describes the pioneering times of the early nineties, the conception of KŠB, his motivation and his passion for theatre.

KŠB lawyer Jan Lasák, who is the chief author of the new commentary to the Corporations Act, explains for the weekly magazine Ekonom his first encounters with how the Corporations Act works in reality, including, for example, the evergreen topic of one’s serving as a company director while being simultaneously employed as the company’s manager.

All texts are available here (in Czech).

Martin Šolc for Lidové noviny

Martin Šolc for Ekonom - Stories of Success

Jan Lasák for Ekonom