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Community trademark - a reduction in registration fees

Commission Regulation No 355/2009 (Official Journal L 109/2009) reduces the total amount of fees to be paid to the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market for the registration of a Community trademark.

The new Regulation primarily simplifies the existing fee structure. So far the fees have been paid for both the application of the Community trademark and its registration. Pursuant to the cited Regulation, the charges for registration of the trademark are to be cancelled, i.e. fixed at zero, and therefore only the fee for application for the trademarks remain, for which there will be a slight increase. The basic fee for application for an individual trademark newly amounts to EUR 1050; if an electronic application is submitted, the fee amounts to EUR 900. For the application for a collective trademark, the basic fee is EUR 1800. The amount of payment for additional classes of goods and services remains unchanged. The adjustments also affect international registration charges and return charges for refusal of trademark protection.

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