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Changes in Cadastral Register

In the end of the past year, an amendment to the Cadastral Register Act was passed. In addition to legislative and technical adjustments, the amendment also contains significant factual changes. In general, data registered in the Cadastral Register will be more easily accessible, since in view of the advanced digitalization, any Cadastral Office may provide extracts, extracts from cadastral maps and any other data regardless of where the real estate is situated or under what Cadastral Office its cadastral area belongs. Simultaneously, together with the protection of important personal data that is usually contained in the Cadastral Register’s information system (such as information on financial circumstances, in particular information on acquisition of assets, purchase prices, etc.), the provision of certain data will be subject to certain regulation.

Proving identity and registration of applicants

It is no longer possible to inspect lists of titles and the Document Register. Such data (for example a copy of a list of titles or a copy of a document from the Document Register) shall be provided only subject to proving one’s identity and providing a statement of the purpose for which the data is to be used by the applicant; all these purposes are defined in the amended provisions of Section 1, subsection 3. Cadastral Offices keep records of persons to whom they provide such data. This change does not apply to usually required extracts from the Cadastral Register, i.e. consisting of several ownership sheets. The possibility of providing lists of titles in case of establishment of remote access also remains unchanged.

Stricter penalization

Unauthorized use or distribution of personal data obtained from the Cadastral Register is now penalized pursuant to the Act on Personal Data Protection, which contains sanctions significantly stricter than those available to the Cadastral Office.

A significant regulation was added that allows electronic filing of applications for entry into the Cadastral Register, including documents intended to be filed in the Document Register.

These amendments come into force from 1 March 2009.

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