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Martin Šolc – 2011 Lawyer of the Year

Martin Šolc, a founding partner at Kocián Šolc Balaštík, was recently named the 2011 Lawyer of the Year in the Czech Republic in the category of Commercial Law. Martin has thus become a two-time winner of the award, having been previously honoured in 2007, the third year of the competition.

Winners in 10 categories received a statue of St. Yvo, the patron saint of lawyers, at this year’s awards ceremony, which was held in Bobycentrum in the city of Brno on 27 January 2012. The competition is organized by the market-analysis company Epravo.cz in cooperation with the Czech Bar Association under the auspices of the Prime Minister Petr Nečas and the Ministry of Justice.

“The awards were given to many reputable legal scholars whom I very much respect and with whom I would never dare compare myself. I was greatly pleased, however, that a representative of the law’s “daily labourers” also managed to win in one of the categories. Although I am honoured to receive the award, at the same time, I consider it to be an error of a sort since it is true that neither I nor any one else has complete knowledge of commercial law. I rather perceive the award as an appreciation of KSB’s teamwork, since KSB’s lawyers are the true originators of my success and I am very glad that they were honoured in this way,” said Martin.

In the past, other KSB partners have also received the award. Jiří Balaštík was named Lawyer of the Year in the Real Estate Law category in 2005, and Professor Jan Dědič was honoured in the category of Commercial Law a year later.

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