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Our values

KSB has always fully promoted strict observance of professional ethics and fostered the creation of practical and close working relationships with clients built on mutual confidence and respect. KSB is extremely proud of the professional reputation it has built up over the years and its aim is to preserve and enhance this reputation.

To retain and develop their existing high level of expertise, KSB lawyers and tax advisers regularly attend training courses, keep up to date with the latest court decisions and monitor draft legislation, to be able to predict likely impact on the client's business interests in practice.

KSB has always adopted a long-term view with regard to the development of its junior lawyers and tax assistants with a view to guaranteeing continuity in the provision of its services at the highest professional level. Teams are structured so as to provide the right level of supervision and to utilise internal quality control mechanisms.

All professionals at KSB are dedicated to the client's interests. Most of them are experts in their field, yet strive to achieve far more than this – our aim is to forge genuine partnerships with all those working together with KSB and to be pleasant to work with.


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