Securities and capital markes

  • Advice on issues of securities, including the structure of issue conditions, relevant contractual documentation, possible collateral or integration into the broader context of the issuer's financing.
  • Advising on the offering (distribution) of securities, in the case of public offers or quotations on regulated markets, preparation of the prospectus and representation in proceedings for its approval before the Czech National Bank, including possible passporting.
  • Advice on non-standard securities (certificates, warrants) or compound derivative instruments.
  • Advising on regulatory and operational issues related to the activities of domestic and foreign investment service providers and related areas (AML, FATCA, EMIR, GDPR, etc.) in relation to the activities of banks, securities dealers or investment intermediaries.
  • Preparation and updating of standard documentation (Framework Agreement on Financial Market Trading (ISDA), investment services agreements and others).
  • Advice on regulatory and operational issues of domestic activities, foreign investment funds and their management, especially in relation to funds of qualified investors, including the preparation and updating of the structure of the fund's articles of association and related documentation.
  • Creating marketing and distribution structures for the provision of investment services and distribution of investment funds, including the preparation of distribution agreements.
  • Representation in proceedings on the issuance of relevant permits for the provision of investment services or the management / administration of investment funds, sanctions and other proceedings before the Czech National Bank and other supervisory authorities.
  • Preparation and updating of internal regulations of securities traders or investment intermediaries and investment fund managers / administrators.
  •  Representation in disputes arising in connection with securities trading and the provision of investment services before a financial arbitrator or courts.

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Securities and capital markets