Petra Mirovská and Miloslav Petrů become new KSB counsels as of 1 January 202313/01/23 / News

Petra Mirovská has been a lawyer since 2006 and focuses on litigation and administrative proceedings in various legal areas including waste management, energy and the environment. In addition, she specialises in intellectual property law, including unfair competition in this area, e-commerce and regulation of digital platforms.

Miloslav Petrů has been a lawyer since 2009 and has extensive experience in international law and international sanctions, as well as in representing major Czech and international clients before international and Czech arbitration bodies, including the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and the International Court of Arbitration (ICC), and before international and Czech courts (including the European Court of Human Rights, EU courts, the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic).

"Petra and Miloslav have had successful careers at our law firm and have made a significant contribution to building KSB’s reputation. Thanks to their professional and personal qualities, they are well placed to become successful counsels and we look forward to working with them in their new roles." said KSB managing partner Pavel Dejl.