VGP expands warehouse space in Slovakia and Hungary02/11/22 / News

Jiří Horník and Richard Hamran recently advised VGP Group, a leading developer and owner of logistics facilities, on expanding its warehouse space in Slovakia and Hungary.

In Slovakia, VGP has expanded the Bratislava VGP Park by 140,000 sqm of warehouse space and is in the process of building a new VGP park in Zvolen, which will have a total area of 52,000 sqm (Packeta is set to be the first tenant).

In Hungary, the first stage of the Budapest Aerozone VGP Park was completed with a 10,000 sqm warehouse for tenant Boxy Logistics. Three more stages are to follow to complete the entire site, which will have a total area of 50,000 sqm.

KSB has long advised VGP Group on purchasing, selling, operating and leasing out warehouses, manufacturing facilities and office buildings.