KŠB was invited to be the exclusive country contributor to the CEE Legal Matters Comparative Legal Guide: Oil & Gas 2022 for Czech Republic.25/03/22 / News

The CEE Legal Matters Comparative Legal Guide: Oil & Gas 2022 presents the most important legal information related to the Oil & Gas sector, structured in a practical way, which allows both focus on a single jurisdiction and cross-referencing and comparisons between the legal approaches in the various jurisdictions. The Czech Republic chapter was co-authored by Václav Rovenský and Tomáš Sequens, both KŠB partners, and Lucie Patková, former KŠB associate.

"It was an absolute delight to work together with the KŠB professionals on the Czech Republic chapter for this report," commented CEE Legal Matters Managing Editor Radu Cotarcea. "In light of the current context, with growing attention paid to issues of security and independence of supply, a close look at the sector is all the more critical and we're thankful for the KŠB team for taking the time to share their insights into the sector."

We were happy to take the opportunity to contribute to the comparative guide and to clarify the specifics of oil & gas laws and regulations in the Czech Republic” add Václav Rovenský and Tomáš Sequens.

The full guide is available here in electronic format and here in pdf format.