KSB Advises B&K Nemovitostní investice17/01/22 / News

KSB’s team led by Partner Jiří Horník, with assistance from senior associate Jakub Porod and junior lawyer Zuzana Slabá, advises  B&K Nemovitostní investice on due diligence, negotiates and drafts transaction documentation and, in some cases, assists with further developing the acquired properties.

B&K Nemovitostní investice is an investment group that specialises in acquiring and redeveloping medium-sized real estate, primarily in the Central Bohemia, South Bohemia, Pardubice and Karlovy Vary regions. The particular method of redevelopment is very flexible and depends on the type of property. It can take the form of a simple renovation or a complete redevelopment of a brownfield, from reticulation to construction. Once a project is completed, it is usually sold and the proceeds are reinvested.

B&K Nemovitostní investice was founded in 2020 by Vladimír Brůna and Martin Kočica, who actively manage and direct the group. "Within a year and a half, the group has invested CZK 300 million in 14 projects and has had three successful exits. We specialize in projects that are too big for small investors and too small for big players. What attracts us are properties that have legal, technical or other defects. Once these are remedied and repaired, we consider whether to sell the property or further redevelop it," says Vladimír Brůna.