Petr Kasík Named the New Managing Partner of KŠB03/02/21 / News

On 1 February 2021, Petr Kasík became the new managing partner of Kocián Šolc Balaštík, taking over the role from Dagmar Dubecká.

“It will definitely not be easy to fill Dagmar’s shoes as the firm’s managing partner, but I believe that with the help of my colleagues Pavel Dejl and Jiří Horník, who are the other members of KŠB’s managing team, we will succeed” says Petr.

Dagmar Dubecká, who has headed the law firm since 2012, will continue to focus on her corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions agenda. “I am convinced that putting Petr and his team in charge of the firm’s management is a good thing. The guarantee for me is the professional skills and human qualities of Petr and his colleagues” adds Dagmar.

Another recent change at KŠB is the promotion of Ivo Průša to the position of counsel. Ivo has been with KŠB since 2018 and specializes in banking and financial services, securities and capital markets.

“Appointing Ivo to the position of counsel is confirmation of how much we respect him and how important his work is for KŠB” said Petr Kasík.