KSB Advises SMV Invest on One of First Issues of Non-Bank Perpetual Certificates in Czech Republic14/05/24 / News

Vlastimil Pihera and Josef Kříž assisted SMV Invest Group on a unique issue of perpetual certificates. Combining years of knowledge in investment and real estate development, the Group focuses on finding interesting locations, land, and real estate units for development, especially in Prague and its surroundings, and on their financing by retail clients.

Perpetual certificates are primarily debt securities but have some features of equity securities (e.g. flexible redemption date). The absence of specific regulation (as encountered in the case of banking institutions) allows considerable flexibility in structuring the terms of the certificates, as well as in adjusting the terms of individual redemptions by the issuer. In this respect, perpetual certificates represent a significant innovation on the Czech financial market.

More information on the prospectus is available here.