KŠB Founding Partner Martin Šolc Inducted into the Czech Lawyers Hall of Fame13/05/23 / News

We are pleased to announce that KŠB founding partner Martin Šolc was inducted into the Legal Hall of Fame at yesterday's 17th Lawyer of the Year Gala. Each year, a prominent figure from the legal community is inducted into the Legal Hall of Fame for his or her lifetime contribution to Czech law.

"I am delighted to receive this award, although I believe the final verdict must come from the clients I have worked for and the colleagues I have worked with on acquisition deals," says Martin Šolc about the award.

Induction into the Legal Hall of Fame is an honour that can be bestowed on an exceptional legal personality. In Martin’s case, the induction confirms his exceptional skills, experience, and contribution to Czech advocacy. As a co-author of the post-revolution Advocacy Act, among other things, Martin was instrumental in establishing a new bar association in the Czech Republic. He made a significant contribution to unifying the professions of attorneys-at-law (advocates) and business lawyers. For many years he served on the bodies of the Czech Bar Association and successfully represented the Czech Bar abroad and contributed significantly to the image of the Czech Bar as an important part of the international bar and legal community.

Immediately after the Velvet Revolution, Martin began his work for the International Bar Association (IBA), the world's most important association of bar associations and lawyers. In 1990, he became the first representative of the Czech Bar Association on the IBA Council, the IBA’s supreme collective body, which comprises representatives of the bar from all over the world. He represented the Czech Bar on the IBA Council for more than two decades and has held a number of important positions within the IBA. In 2017, he became the first representative from Central and Eastern European to reach the highest position in the IBA when he became its President.

Dedicated not only to business law but also to defending the rule of law in various parts of the world, Martin's career is an example of how hard work and dedication to the profession can lead to success and recognition. His contribution to the Czech legal community is undeniable, not only because of his outstanding legal knowledge but also because of his commitment to helping clients and promoting professional standards.

All of us at KŠB are very proud to work with Martin and to see the positive impact his work has had on our clients' lives and our own. We congratulate him on this award and look forward to the further successes we will achieve together.

A video of Martin’s induction into the Lawyers Hall of Fame is available above, where you can learn about Martin's professional beginnings, how he remembers his time at the IBA, and why it is important to advocate for the rule of law, as well as the reasons that led to his award, as told by the current President of the Czech Bar Association, Robert Němec, and the Executive Director of the International Bar Association, Mark Ellis.