Company law, including corporate group law

Establishment / liquidation / transformation of corporations / squeeze-outs / partners and their rights

  • Advice on the establishment of all types of business corporations, including the preparation of founding documents and ensuring the issuance of the necessary business licenses and registration in public registers
  • Advice on appropriate setting of relations between partners, including the elaboration and negotiation of agreements between partners (shareholder agreements, etc.)
  • Comprehensive advice on the transformation of corporations (domestic and cross-border)
  • Advising and preparing complete documentation regarding so-called squeeze-outs (crowding out minority shareholders)
  • Advice relating to the liquidation of corporations
  • Advice on the rights of minority shareholders, including the rights of so-called qualified shareholders

Corporate group relations

  • Advice on corporate group law, including assistance in the appropriate setting up of intra-group relations and preparation of group policies and group management tools
  • Advice on the relations between controlling and controlled entities, including the preparation of reports on relations between related parties

Management structure / statutory bodies / general meetings

  • Advice on optimizing the structure of management and administration of capital companies Advice on relations between the bodies of business corporations
  • Advice on statutory bodies, including the preparation of contracts for the performance of functions, training focused on civil and criminal liability of statutory bodies
  • Assistance in the preparation and holding of general meetings, including the preparation of invitations, draft resolutions and the organization of general meetings

Judicial or arbitration proceedings

  • Representation in various court, arbitration and administrative proceedings concerning corporations and relations between shareholders, including proceedings concerning the invalidity of resolutions of general meetings, proceedings for damages for breach of due diligence, or concerning disputes between shareholders

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Company law, including corporate group law