Commercial contracts

Contracts between entrepreneurs

  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts for the supply of goods or investment units, including contracts relating to international trade
  • Preparation and negotiation of brokerage and agency agreements
  • Advice on the appropriate setting of supplier-customer relationships and the preparation of related contractual documentation
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts for work, including contractual documents regarding copyright, projects, etc.
  • Advice on transport contracts
  • International trade practices and clauses, including INCOTERMS clauses

Consumer contracts

  • Advice on travel contracts and their changes, including the preparation of related general terms and conditions
  • Advice on consumer contracts and business conditions

Transfers / leaseholds of enterprises and their parts

  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts relating to the transfer of an enterprise (or part thereof) as well as the lease of the enterprise (including advice on tax aspects)
  • Related corporate consulting


  • Advice (legal and tax) in the creation of franchising concepts or extension of existing franchising concepts, as well as the preparation and negotiation of franchising agreements, including related agreements and the preparation of a franchising manual
  • Advice on licensing and trademark matters related to franchising

Court proceedings

  • Representation of clients in court and arbitration proceedings in disputes concerning breach of commercial contracts

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Commercial contracts