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Social Security and Health Insurance Law

Areas of Expertise

  • comprehensive advice on statutory obligations of employees and individuals relating to social security sickness, old-age pension and health insurance (including registration, notification and record-keeping), particularly to eliminate the risk and impact of any fines on clients
  • calculation of income included in the assessment basis for the purposes of assessment of insurance contributions and preparation of annual statements for the self-employed
  • advice on state jurisdiction for the purposes of social security and health insurance contributions payable by individuals
  • advice on the appropriate contractual relations impacting on social security and health insurance contributions
  • advice and assistance in connection with international agreements and European law on social security and health insurance contributions


Employment insurance contributions (employees, statutory bodies, employees assigned from other countries): AGC Europe IT GIE, A.T. Kearney, O-I Manufacturing Czech Republic (Avirunion), Czech Television, Czech Radio, ECK Generating, EU Consultancy, FM Logistic, Chapman University, NIBE, Splirec Czech

We cannot disclose details of individual clients for reasons of privacy.

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