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Public Finance and Regulation

Areas of Expertise

  • legal aspects of regulatory requirements applicable to financial institutions such as banks, savings and credit co-operatives, insurers, securities brokers, investment agents, investment companies and funds, primarily with reference to provision of services (nature, extent and manner of provision), as well as regulations governing dealings with clients and in particular, capital and organisational requirements
  • advice on the position and liability of members of statutory bodies and key staff at financial institutions, including compliance with the mandatory conditions for appointment to office
  • advice on mergers, acquisitions and other transformations of financial institutions having regard to the specific public regulatory requirements and regulatory bodies, including conditions for the acquisition of consent to acquire a qualified interest in a financial institution in the Czech Republic
  • advice on matters of internal organisation and regulations of financial institutions, including internal management and supervisory systems, conflict of interest issues (Chinese walls), insider trading and other matters arising in connection with the internal operation of a financial institution
  • advice on giving effect to new regulatory requirements in connection with continual changes in the regulation of financial services, including assistance by way of participation in the legislative process


Association of Finance Agencies and Consultants, Czech-Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno, Czech National Bank, Česká pojišťovna, PPF Group

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