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Experience with Regional Airports in Europe

X Lege   28. 7. 2014 Link

This past spring, KŠB partner Jiří Horník took part in an international air transport conference in Bucharest. The topic of his discussion, which you can read more about at www.patria.cz/pravo, concerned the operations of regional airports, which often have to fight for their own survival. Many regional airports rely on state aid, which has become harder to obtain following the introduction of stricter rules. In practice, many airports could wind up in trouble.

Emission Allowances: Like a Boomerang

X Lege   28. 7. 2014 Link

From 2008 to 2012, emission allowances were allocated to electricity producers in the amount determined by the National Allocation Plan. But this originally trouble-free matter may become expensive for the state.

Community Law News

X Lege   28. 7. 2014 Link

The mandates of some former European MPs have stimulated legislative endeavours by Community authorities. Long sought-after rules for public contracts and concessions, and audits of financial statements, were finalized and adopted in the first months of 2014.

Firms Start Using Options Available Under the Recodification

X Lege   28. 7. 2014 Link

Despite a certain cautiousness, according to professor Jan Dědič, a KŠB partner and co-author of the legislation, one can see growing interest in the new legal institutes that are supposed to simplify the lives of firms and their managers.

Transparent to the Bone

X Lege   28. 7. 2014 Link

In March, the European Parliament passed in the first reading an amendment to the original draft AML Directive, which requires Member States to establish registers of legal entities and trust structures in which the end owners and beneficiaries will be listed. The information is to be available to the public. This means that not only major (at least 25%) shareholders but also beneficiaries of private foundations, trusts and similar structures will be disclosed.  KŠB lawyer Vlastimil Pihera comments on the draft as follows:

Are Internet Links Lawful?

X Lege   28. 7. 2014 Link

Hyperlinks are common. But are they lawful if they link to copyrighted documents? The European Court of Justice issued a decision on Internet links for the first time this past February.

Tax Aspects of Profit Share Advances

X Lege   28. 7. 2014 Link

The Corporations Act has brought a lot of positive changes since January. Members of corporations certainly welcome the option to pay profit share advances on the basis of interim financial statements, provided the corporation clearly has enough to pay them and other legal conditions are fulfilled.

KŠB’s X Lege Newsletter No. 3/2013

X Lege   6. 1. 2014 Link

The major theme featured by X Lege No. 3 is what the new Civil Code will bring.

KSB’s X Lege No. 2/2013

X Lege   23. 7. 2013 Link

The second issue of KŠB’s quarterly newsletter X Lege includes an interview with recodification co-author and KŠB partner Prof. Jan Dědič, who discusses the current wording and planned changes of the legislation accompanying the new Civil Code. This issue also includes an article on the upcoming amendment to the Income Tax Act, which is currently under consideration and which is an important step towards establishing a single collection point.

KŠB’s X Lege No. 1/2013

X Lege   26. 2. 2013 Link

The latest issue of X Lege discusses the upcoming Investment Companies and Investment Funds Bill, which should be enacted by 1 July 2013. This issue also highlights the Supreme Court’s ruling that employers are not required to offer replacement jobs to laid-off employees. The decision, which should be obeyed by all courts hearing labour disputes, inures to the benefit of an employer counselled by KŠB. We also look at the expanded list of supplies for which businesses may be required to guarantee VAT for their suppliers, as well as the European Union’s regulations introducing unitary patent protection in almost all EU Member States under a single application. As always, X Lege features issues regarding the approaching recodification of Czech private law, with this issue focusing on certain temporary provisions.

KSB’s X Lege No. 3/2012

X Lege   27. 11. 2012 Link

The latest issue of X Lege highlights the amendment to the Insurance Brokerage Act approved by the Czech government in November. The amendment is a true revolution for how insurance products will be distributed. X Lege also looks at recent price decisions issued by the Energy Regulatory Authority and the state of legal issues regarding regional airports, which face tighter public aid rules following a European Commission decision. As always, X Lege keeps readers up to date on the approaching recodification of private law, this time focusing on changes regarding limited and unlimited partnerships.

KSB’s X Lege No.2/2012

X Lege   15. 10. 2012 Link

The main topics covered in the latest issue of X Lege include the digital dividend auction launched in mid-July by the Czech Telecommunications Authority and the new Supported Energy Sources Act. Starting in 2013, the act will supersede the current Renewable Energy Sources Act as well as the parts of the energy Act concerning secondary energy sources, cogeneration of electricity and heat, and decentralized power generation. As always, we also provide the latest news on the civil and commercial law recodification process: this issue includes the most substantial impacts holding companies can expect in 2014. There is also a summary related to EU law and information on the anti-discrimination amendment pertaining to the insurance industry.

KSB’s Quarterly X Lege, Issue No. 1/2012

X Lege   12. 3. 2012 Link

The first 2012 issue of KSB’s quarterly newsletter features articles on the New Transparency Act, the new law supporting alternative energy sources, and the issue of re-exporting pharmaceuticals, which has become a hot topic in the industry. X Lege also continues to summarize the most important changes to be introduced on corporations since 2014 as a result of the recodification of the Czech civil and commercial law, this time focusing on joint-stock companies. Executives and company body members, namely those who receive remuneration for performing their office, may find it interesting to read about the new changes affecting the mandatory pension, sickness, and health insurance schemes.

KSB’s Quarterly X Lege, Issue No. 2/2011

X Lege   14. 10. 2011 Link

The latest issue of X Lege features a collection of articles on a number of recent developments: changes in energy law; the amendment to the Labour Code; the amendment to the Act on the Transformation of Companies and Cooperatives; and the update on the conflict between overlapping functions. It also offers a summary of the most significant changes applicable to limited liability companies under the new Act on Corporations, which is being prepared concurrently with the new Civil Code. Due attention is also given to news concerning community law (the Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency and the new Consumer Rights Directive).

X Lege No. 1/2011

X Lege   24. 6. 2011 Link

The first issue of X Lege, KSB’s new newsletter, features an article on the conflict between the simultaneous functions of statutory office and employment in the same company, for which the applicable law has yet to find a complete solution, examines the practical impacts of the Consumer Loan Act and brings attention to the new Corporation Act which is being drafted together with the new Civil Code.

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