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2015 Amendment to the VAT Act

Tax News   30. 5. 2014 Link
On 1 January 2015, an amendment to the VAT Act is to become valid. Its main objective is to implement EU regulations. The main change concerns the place of performance in the case of...

Information from the General Financial Directorate on trust funds

Tax News   30. 5. 2014 Link
The General Financial Directorate published information on its website on registering trust funds, according to which such funds may be established as of 1 January 2014 pursuant to the new Civil...

Legal measures of the Upper House

Tax News   10. 12. 2013 Link

Income tax

Tax on acquisition of immovable items

New balance sheet item

Tax News   10. 12. 2013 Link


VAT electronically only

Tax News   10. 12. 2013 Link

VAT returns to be filed electronically next year

Legal measures

Tax News   21. 11. 2013 Link

Legal measures by the Senate

Guarantee for VAT

Tax News   21. 11. 2013 Link

VAT guarantee postponed

Guarantee for VAT - Payments in special cases

Vat Act amendment

Tax News   1. 11. 2013 Link
The VAT Act amendment, which forms a part of the Senate’s legal measure on amending certain tax acts in connection with the recodification of private law and which will become effective on 1 January...

Electronic communication

Tax News   1. 11. 2013 Link

Electronic communication with the Social Administration Office in 2014

Minimum wage increase

Tax News   15. 8. 2013 Link
Prime Minister Rusnok’s government decided to increase the minimum wage by CZK 500 from CZK 8,000 to 8,500 per month as of August 2013. The monthly health insurance contributions paid by employers...

Constitutional complaint against cancellation of certain provisions of the income Tax Act

Tax News   15. 8. 2013 Link
A group of senators submitted a request to the Constitutional Court for annulment of certain provisions of the Income Tax Act, specifically the provisions that cancelled the possibility to apply a...

Burden of proof weighs heavily on tax subjects

Tax News   15. 8. 2013 Link
Tax subjects in general must prove all facts that they are required to disclose in their tax returns, reports and statements or those that the tax administrator requests them to prove.  This...

June flood - related tax relief

Tax News   15. 8. 2013 Link
The minister of finance used his authority to waive, in full or in part, personal income tax and corporate income tax payments for taxpayers damaged by the flood, including the income tax interest...

From the Chamber of Deputies

Tax News   15. 8. 2013 Link
The amendments to tax legislation in relation to recodification were approved by the lower house on 8 August in the third reading. The amendments include in particular Parliamentary Presses No. 1003...

News from the Chamber of Deputies

Tax News   27. 6. 2013 Link

Legislation news

Vat News

Tax News   27. 6. 2013 Link

Invoicing rules;

Vat on insurance operations;

Correction of tax amounts on receivables due from debtors in insolvency proceedings;

Unpaid tax to be guaranteed by recipients

Tax Information Exchange Agreements

Tax News   27. 4. 2013 Link
TIEAs allow tax information to be exchanged for duly determining or collecting taxes for taxpayers of both contracting parties or, where applicable, for tax penalty procedures. TIEAs help contracting...

Guaranteeing Unpaid Tax

Tax News   27. 4. 2013 Link

The General Tax Directorate issued information that tax authorities will, for the time being, refrain from calling upon guarantors to pay unpaid VAT.

New Withholding Tax Rate

Tax News   27. 4. 2013 Link
Effective 1 January 2013, a new 35% withholding tax was introduced. The tax shall apply to payments of income to foreign tax residents who are not residents of another EU Member State; or the EEC;...

New International Agreements

Tax News   24. 4. 2013 Link
NOTIFICATION from the Ministry of Health on the conclusion of a Double Tax Treaty between the Czech Republic and Poland. The notification was published in the Collection of International Treaties...

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