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Newsletter: Tax News – 2012/03, No. 3
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New International Treaties

Tax News   29. 3. 2012 Link
The Czech Republic and the Bahamas entered into a Tax Information Exchange Agreement, which is aimed at increasing the efficiency of tax collection and administration and avoiding or limiting tax...

Average Price for Emission Allowances

Tax News   29. 3. 2012 Link
As of 1 January 2011, the amendment to the Renewable Resources Act introduced a donation tax on European Union Allowances (EUA) allocated on a free-of-charge basis to electricity producers in...

Unit Trusts

Tax News   29. 3. 2012 Link
The General Tax Authority (“GTA“) issued a guideline for unit trusts regarding registration for and filing of tax returns in respect of corporate income tax. Unit trusts will newly be considered...

Amendment to the Concise Duty Act

Tax News   29. 3. 2012 Link
Two amendments to the Concise Duty Act are currently undergoing the legislative process. The first amendment suggests reducing the concise duty on fuels by CZK 2.50 on one litre of diesel fuel and...

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