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Newsletter: Tax News – 2009/02, No. 2
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From Judicature - The Constitutional Court Has Issued a Further Interesting Award

Tax News   18. 2. 2009 Link

The break-through resolution of the Constitutional court concerning the deadline for additional tax assessment of which we informed in the past Tax News was preceding by another interesting resolution from the end of November 2008 in which the Constitutional court provided its comments on the contents and objective of tax inspection.

Negotiated amendments

Tax News   18. 2. 2009 Link

Tax Rules; Amendments to acts concerning tax administration; Amendment to act on public health insurance; Amendment to the Price Act

Novelties in legal regulations from 2009

Tax News   18. 2. 2009 Link

The FM’s Ruling No. 01/2009 - a list of goods with regulated prices; Amendment to the Income Tax Act published and distributed on 1 January 2009

International relations

Tax News   18. 2. 2009 Link

Communication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on termination of the Agreement between the Czech Republic and the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics on Social Security and the Protocol to the Agreement in relation to the Russian Federation

Communication of the Finance Ministry

Tax News   18. 2. 2009 Link

Information of the FM dated 23 December 2008 on the amendment to the Real Estate Tax; flat rates for conversion of foreign currencies for 2008; Instruction No. D-320 on Average Prices of Fuel

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