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Newsletter: Tax News – 2008/12, No. 8
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From Judicature - The Constitutional Court issued a breakthrough resolution concerning the interpretation of periods set for tax assessment

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Pursuant to the award of the Constitutional Court dated 2 December 2008, the three-year period in which a tax or an additional tax can be assessed does not commence at the end of the taxation period in which the tax return is to be filed but already from the end of the taxation period provided it is evident at the moment the obligation to file a tax return arises.

Negotiated amendments

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Amendment to the Income Tax Act; Chamber of Deputies postpones approval of partial harmonization amendment to the VAT Act and Excise Tax Act; Amendment to the Foreign Currency Act

New developments in legal regulations from 2009

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Changes in payment of social security contributions from 1 January 2009; Maximum assessment base for 2009; Sickness Insurance Act

International tax relations

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The following new regulations shall impact international tax relations:

1. Notification of the MoF concerning agreement on the Double Tax Treaty between the Czech Republic and New Zealand in the field of income taxes. This new treaty will be applied from 1 January 2009.

2. Communication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Tax Administrative Activities between the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and Ministry of Taxes of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Notification of the Finance Ministry

Tax News   29. 12. 2008 Link

Notification of the Finance Ministry dated 2 December 2008 on classification of tangible assets into depreciation groups; Decree sets foreign meal allowances for 2009; Information on application of the provisions of Section 36, subsection 11 of the VAT Act

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