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Newsletter: Tax News – 2008/05, No. 3
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Transformation Act

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Act on transformation of commercial companies and cooperatives (“Transformation Act”) takes effect from 1 July 2008. This new, comprehensive legislation applicable to commercial companies and cooperatives shall replace and supersede current provisions of the Commercial Code.

Information from the Ministry of Finance

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The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic published information on application of the VAT Act to the construction industry after 1 January 2008 to its web site on 23 April 2008. The document...

Draft Amendment to the VAT Act

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Pursuant to our information in the previous issue of Tax News, the Government presented a draft VAT Act to the Parliament of the Czech Republic. This long-prepared amendment primarily harmonizes the provisions of the Czech VAT Act with the provisions of Directive 2006/112/EC (the so-called Sixth Directive Recast) and provides suggestions for simplification and improvement of certain other provisions.

Award by Constitutional Court

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The Collection of Acts No. 166/2008 includes an award by the Constitutional Court dated 23 April 2008 cancelling the provisions of the Employee Health Insurance Act that award sickness allowance to employees after the fourth day of sickness, effective as of 30 June 2008. The sickness allowance should be newly paid out beginning the first day of the sickness.

Prepared Draft Acts

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The House of Representatives (Lower House) approved an amendment to the Road Tax Act. The amended provisions should result in reduction of road tax rates for vehicles over 12 tons used as new for businesses that are more environmentally friendly. The lower rate should apply for 36 months following the first registration.

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