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Newsletter: Tax News – 2007/04, No. 4
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List of legal forms of companies on the Finance Ministry’s web pages

Tax News   1. 4. 2007 Link
Under Section 19 subs. 3 letter a) ITA (Act no. 586/1992 Coll., on income tax, as amended), the Finance Ministry has published on its web pages lists of the different forms of companies and taxes in...

Instruction to implement international agreements

Tax News   1. 4. 2007 Link
The Finance Ministry has published Instruction D-305 in the Financial Bulletin (no. 1/2007) on implementation of the Agreement between the Czech Republic and Morocco on prevention of double taxation...

Proposed Amendments to the Income Taxes Act

Tax News   1. 4. 2007 Link
The Finance Ministry has proposed amendments to ITA, amendments to the Act on Reserves for determining the income tax base (no. 593/1992 Coll.) as amended and amendments to the Act on inheritance,...

Recent ECJ Decisions

Tax News   1. 4. 2007 Link
On 15 March 2007 the European Court of Justice (ECJ) gave judgement in Reemtsma (case C?35/05), a claim for repayment of tax in another Member State under the Eighth Directive (or Section 82 VATA)....

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