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KSB’s X Lege No. 2/2013

The second issue of KŠB’s quarterly newsletter X Lege includes an interview with recodification co-author and KŠB partner Prof. Jan Dědič, who discusses the current wording and planned changes of the legislation accompanying the new Civil Code. This issue also includes an article on the upcoming amendment to the Income Tax Act, which is currently under consideration and which is an important step towards establishing a single collection point.

In addition, X Lege looks at the new separate Act on Public Registers of Legal and Natural Persons, which for the first time allows an entry to be made in a public register through the notary who prepared the entry. The Act Providing Certain Measures Aimed at Increasing the Transparency of Joint-Stock Companies, which took effect on 30 June 2013, is also discussed. The main topics include the new European accounting directive on financial statements and the European Commission’s opinion on the obligations of mobile applications developers and providers, the purpose of which is to protect the personal data of smart phone owners.

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