KŠB Institute Launched with Professor Dědič at the Steering Wheel31/01/13 / News

KŠB Institute, a new learning platform tailor-made for managers and lawyers but also available to general public, will be launched in February. KŠB has designed the institute to help ensure its clients are ready for the substantial changes to be introduced by the recodification of Czech private law.

KŠB Institute will hold seminars primarily on private and financial law and tax issues. The first seminars will focus on the new Civil Code and the Corporations Act, both of which constitute the backbone of the recodification and will take force and effect on 1 January 2014, as well as on the amendments to all acts affected by the recodification.

“Statutory body members and managers at all levels should not underestimate the impact the new legislation will have – which is the greatest change ever in private law in the Czech Republic – and should get ready now before it is too late. KŠB Institute will guide them through the new legislation and help them choose the right tools to deal with practical business situations they will face on a daily basis”, says Professor Jan Dědič, co-author of the new Corporations Act, member of the Justice Ministry’s Commission for Applying the New Civil Legislation, and partner at Kocián Šolc Balaštík (KŠB).

Professor Dědič enjoys a longstanding reputation as one of the most experienced Czech experts on commercial law. He has been a member of the Czech Government’s Legislative Council for many years and the Chairman of the Czech National Bank Appellate Board. Jan’s erudition and experience, combined with his long track record of involvement in academia, such as at the University of Economics in Prague, the Justice Academy, lecturing for professional chambers, especially notaries and auditors, and for general business and legal public alike, guarantees KŠB Institute will be of top quality. Profesor Dědič will lead the team of lecturers, which will include other KŠB experts Dagmar Dubecká, a KŠB managing partner, Martin Šolc and Petr Kasík, both partners, and Jan Lasák, a senior associate. KŠB tax partner Helena Navrátilová will be in charge of tax issues.

Participants will learn how to deal with practical legal problems from a management vantage point and will get expert insight into hot legal issues. The Institute will also hold legal and tax workshops custom-made for a particular company’s needs.

A list of seminars can be found at www.ksbinstitut.cz. Online registration is also available. While most of the seminars will take place in Prague, some may also be held in Ostrava and Karlovy Vary, where KŠB has branch offices.