Jiří Horník Becomes a KŠB Partner09/01/13 / News

On 1 January 2013, Jiří Horník (38) became a new partner at Kocián Šolc Balaštík (KŠB). Jiří specialises in property law and project financing and is one of only a few Czech experts on aviation and aerospace law. KŠB now has nine partners.

“Jiří is a great attorney but we equally value him for his human qualities. Before becoming a partner, Jiří was proactive in developing and promoting KŠB and helped to cultivate a good reputation of the firm in many countries. I believe Jiří will be successful in his new role,” said Dagmar Dubecká, KŠB’s managing partner. “Expanding our team of partners means that we trust that KŠB will continue to grow while being one of the top law firms in the Czech Republic with considerable international involvement,” she added.

I appreciate having the opportunity in my new role to further participate in building KŠB’s reputable position in this respect,” said Jiří Horník.

While Jiří will continue to focus on property law and aviation law, he will certainly not neglect the exotic field of aerospace law, given the dynamically developing areas of space exploration and commercial space operations. Jiří values the fact that his work enables him figuratively to both fly in the clouds, whilst real estate work keeps his feet firmly on the ground. He believes 2013 will be a good year for property transactions given the amount of developer projects available on the market for good value. Clients will not hesitate to take advantage of the advantageous situation. “In combination with the scheduled effective date of the new Civil Code, this gives us a great opportunity for unique transaction planning and structuring,” added Jiří.