EU legal regulations with judicature - law of commercial companies19/01/11 / Publications

Jan Lasák is the author of the first publication of a new series by Wolters Kluwer that brings a practical and complex collection of the valid current wording of communitary legal regulations from the field of law of commercial companies together with the decision-making practice of the European Court of Justice.

Since the Czech Republic’s accession to the European Union, the acquis communautaire has significantly influenced the everyday reality in this country. The effect of the European legislative process is reflected in a number of social and economic areas. Together with the increased number of European laws as well as the judicature of the European Court of Justice, the need for legal practice to consult with European legal regulations, whether orders or directives, has increased.

The publication contains the texts of regulations concerning the law of commercial companies as well as a full outline of the decision-making practice of the European Court of Justice concerning the interpretation of legal regulations included in the outline. Since the European Court of Justice is usually called to interpret concrete provisions of a legal regulation in question, legal sentences or parts of justifications of individual resolutions are included for ease of reference to such provisions of directives and orders, interpreted by the relevant decision.

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