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New conception of Support for Research and Development

Under Act No. 110/2009, Coll., the area of Support Research and Development from Public Funds has been amended. The new regulation represents a fundamental and conceptual change and constitutes a part of the reform of the system of research, development and innovations approved by the government with the aim to strengthen the effectivity of using state funds in this field. The subject of regulation by the act was extended by innovations. Provision of aid should be generally simplified; the number of providers was limited, so that the aid will not include all resorts. It is also assumed that access to drawing on funds from structural funds and EU framework programs will be easier.

In the field of targeted aid, which relates to individuals or legal entities as applicants or users of aid, we draw your attention to the following changes:

Current projects shall be completed with the existing providers.

From 2010, support for new projects of basic research shall be provided only through the Czech Grant Agency.

In the field of applied research, the Czech Technological Agency has been established as an inter-ministerial and oversight authority. It will provide support for research, development and innovations starting from 2011.

The amendment strengthens protection of intellectual property and industrial rights and improves the environment for application of results of research and innovations.

The amendments become effective on 1 July 2009.

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