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Novelties in legal regulations from 2009

The FM’s Ruling No. 01/2009 - a list of goods with regulated prices; Amendment to the Income Tax Act published and distributed on 1 January 2009

  • In Price Bulletin No. 14/2008 dated 14 December 2008, the FM’s Ruling No. 01/2009 was published stipulating a list of goods with regulated prices

The regulated items include maximum prices of freight and passenger railway transport, prices of real estate which are fully or partially paid from the state budget, state fund or other state funds, rent from land not used for business purposes and dairy products for students. The Ruling also set outs a list of goods (the terminology of price regulations deems services as goods) to which factually regulated prices are applied. The list contains 13 items that include, inter alia, rent in residential rooms intended for living, collection, transport, sorting out and removal of communal waste. With respect to the listed goods, the Ruling sets forth what can be considered as financially eligible costs and sets out items that cannot be recognized as financially eligible costs.

  • Amendment to the Income Tax Act published and distributed on 1 January 2009

The amendment to the Income Tax Act, which we have mentioned many times before, was published for the very first time in the Collection of Acts and distributed on 1 January 2009, i.e. on the date of a statutory holiday. On the grounds of the date of effectiveness of the amendment set forth on the date of announcement thereof, potential disputes concerning the interpretation of certain provisions would be prevented if the act were published by 31 December 2008 inclusive, or commencing 2 January 2009 and later.

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