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Penalties on Cash Payment Cap Alleviated

It has been over four years since the 15,000 Euro cap for cash transactions was introduced. The Act on Restriction of Cash Payments was amended in August to modify the penalties, including fines for breach of the cap.

The bottom penalty limit of ten thousand Czech crowns has been cancelled. This is good news since the fine of ten thousand Czech crowns had to be imposed on even minor violations of the Act. The top limit for penalization has been reduced from five million to half a million Czech crowns, but this applies only to individuals. While legal entities are still subject to the top limit of five million Czech crowns, a release from liability has been introduced for them. Legal entities that wish to be released must give sufficient evidence that they have exerted all reasonably expected efforts to avoid the breach of the statutory duty. Liability may also expire if the authority in charge fails to initiate proceedings on a committed delinquency within 1 year after having learned thereof.

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