Advising Heureka Group on its Acquisition of Balíkobot29/08/22 / News

Heureka Group, a shopping advisor and price comparator that operates in the Czech Republic and eight other CEE countries, was advised by KSB’s team (Petr Kasík, Jakub Porod,Jaroslav Zahradníček, Tomáš Trávníček, Filip Řehák and Karolina Vosátková) on the acquisition of Balíkobot.

Balíkobot has been on the market since 2014 and provides automated data exchange on parcels, pallets and letters from e-commerce (or enterprise) systems directly to carriers. This helps companies to speed up and streamline the dispatch of goods.

Our advice included legal due diligence and negotiating and closing all of the transaction documentation.

We also advised Heureka on its recent acquisition of a 100% stake in Dataweps, a Brno-based technology company focused on product data analytics and e-commerce automation.

More information can be found here and here.