KSB Ambassadors on the "Firms of the Future" Panel16/05/22 / News

Sylvie Sobolová and Petra Mirovská took part in a discussion on 5 May 2022 organised by financial news weekly Ekonom under the title "Firms of the Future".

The meeting was held under the motto "Making the Czech Republic Better, Building a Czech Republic with Added Value" and its aim was to discuss practical key aspects that may increase the potential and development of Czech companies. Those in attendance included Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Petr Očko, economist Helena Horská, Radek Špicar from the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic, entrepreneur Martin Wichterle, who is an initiator of a call from business for a second economic transformation, and many others, including representatives from successful Czech companies.

Sylvie Sobolová, KSB partner and Legal Guarantor of Ekonom for the area of intellectual property, spoke during a panel discussion on what can hinder corporate expansion in terms of underestimating the protection of know-how and rights to corporate brands and logos.

Details on the meeting are available here (only in Czech).