Advice to JTZE a.s. on Investments in Agriculture10/12/21 / News

JTZE a.s. (J&T Zemědělství a Ekologie), a J&T Real Estate group company that specialises in agricultural investments, has, over the past few months, acquired shares in several companies that are engaged in primary agricultural production. The latest acquisition was Farma Neznašovy a.s., which was preceded by the purchase of Statek Sobětice s.r.o. and Žďár Chudenice s.r.o. The total volume of cultivated land is more than 5,600 hectares.

J&T Real Estate's philosophy in building its agricultural portfolio is described by Dušan Palcr in an interview for Hospodářské noviny (available here – only in Czech).

KSB was in charge of legal due diligence, negotiating and entering into the complete transaction documentation and advised on the acquisition financing and post-transaction restructuring.

KSB’s transaction advice was provided by Jiří Horník, Jakub Porod and Zuzana Slabá, while Martin Krejčí, Ivo Průša and Filip Šperl were responsible for advising on financing issues.