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Incorporation of KŠB Accounting s.r.o.

In an effort to complement the range of services provided by our law firm, we have decided to establish a subsidiary – KŠB Accounting s.r.o. (KSBA). KSBA offers comprehensive services in the field of accounting and reporting, to both domestic and foreign businesses operating on the Czech market.

KSBA’s services include, but are not limited to, complete processing and keeping of accounts; drafting accounting documents; checking the formal accuracy of accounting documents, whether sent or received by clients; recording tangible and intangible assets; processing monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements; drafting management reports and much more.

KSBA’s staff have education, professional training and long-term experience in accounting. Through training and seminars, they maintain and expand their expertise and knowledge to respond to the ever-changing legal and business environment. Similarly to KSB, KSBA also always strives to perfectly understand its clients’ business and to offer them services based on their current needs and expectations.

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