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Kocián Šolc Balaštík Takes Part in Social Events

KŠB has recently held, or taken part in, several social events.

On 30 October, Hospodářské noviny’s 10th annual Best Bank and Best Insurer Awards were given out at the Czech National Bank’s ceremonial premises. KŠB sponsored the event and KŠB partner Petr Kasík presented one of the awards.

On 7 November, KŠB held an evening event at the National Museum, which was recently re-opened. Guests had the opportunity to see exhibitions for the Republic’s 100th anniversary and listen to swing music played by Petra Kroutil’s Swing Orchestra.

On 8 November, KŠB’s women lawyers took part in a VIP Women Lawyer’s Meeting held by “Právní rádce”. KŠB managing partner Dagmar Dubecká was one of the participants in a panel discussion hosted by Attorney General Lenka Bradáčová.

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