Third Annual Contract Competition16/12/14 / News

In cooperation with KŠB, law student association ELSA held its 3rd annual Contract Competition for law school students. Shareholder agreements were the topic of this year’s contest.

The contestants first drafted a shareholder agreement for a minority shareholder according to its instructions and using a term sheet and the fictitious company’s articles of association. The students then tested the agreement in the “real world” during simulated negotiations with the investor’s counsel (KŠB attorneys), who attempted to capitalize on the agreement’s weak spots.

Four two-member teams took part in this year’s contest. The verbal round and award ceremony took place on 10 December 2014. The team of Lukáš Gerle and Martin Koloušek won the contest, Jiří Hamouz and Lukáš Mach were the runners up and Pavel Martiník and Andrea Molitorisová came in third. Our congratulations go out to the winners and our thanks to all the contestants. Pictures of the award ceremony are available herehere and here.