KŠB Advises on Financing Twisto11/05/21 / News

KŠB (Ivo Průša and Martin Krejčí) assisted J&T Bank in financing the development of Twisto. In addition to J&T Bank, which provided a loan of CZK 450 million, the financing was also provided by venture debt fund Orbit Capital and its subfund Conseq Venture Debt, which is jointly operated by investment platform Enern and investment company Conseq.

Twisto – “the simplest online payment tool” – has been used by over 1.7 million customers so far, more than 55% of them from the Czech Republic. Twisto account, the company’s main product, is used by over 180,000 customers. Today, the account includes a payment card, a virtual payment card, Apple Pay and Google Pay, Snap – an advanced bill payment tool, and Split – a tool to divide joint purchases. The transaction builds upon KŠB’s long-standing and unique experience, as KŠB is one of just a few firms that provides advice to financial institutions and other entities in this segment of financing.

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