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Professor Dědič – one of the top five in the Czech Republic

KSB partner professor Jan Dědič is one of the top five most influential lawyers in the Czech Republic, according a poll organised by Hospodářské noviny.

The poll result is based on responses from more than fifty judges, members of the Government Legislative Council, leading advocates, chairmen of the two highest national courts and top level state prosecutors. All those questioned were asked to choose the most influential lawyer at the present time, having regard to intellectual impact and to provide their own "top five" names.

Professor Dědič was described as "an authority on commercial law" and ranked top lawyer by other advocates. This is the second time this year that professor Dědič has been acknowledged as a leading Czech lawyer. In January he was named Lawyer of the Year 2006, in commercial law.

The winner of the poll was Pavel Holländer, deputy chairman of the Constitutional Court, followed by professor Karel Eliáš, a member of the faculty of law at the University of Western Bohemia, Plzeň.


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